(F0070) 男孩子面譜 Boy Face Chart



感覺和情感變得有趣! 男孩臉部圖表是一幅精美繡花的互動式掛圖,它使學習面部部位,面部表情以及探索感覺和情感變得有趣! 男孩表情圖是讓學習面部份精美的繡花互動掛圖,面部表情以及探索的情感和情緒的樂趣! 孩子們可以使用圖表隨附的面部部分在臉上創建不同的面部表情,並添加不同的配件。 所有的部件都是可拆卸的,並由魔術貼固定,使它變得有趣並吸引了年輕的人們。 任何家庭的絕佳補充。 Boy Face Chart隨附以下內容:- 3對眉毛 3雙眼睛 2個鼻 3個口 2帽子 僅表面清洗。 顏色或內容可能與圖示有所不同。 產品尺寸:60厘米(高)x 40厘米(寬)。 2歲以上 Our Boy Face Chart is a beautifully embroidered interactive wall chart which makes learning facial parts, facial expressions as well as exploring feelings and emotions fun! It also allows parents to work on stimulating speech, fine motor skills and object identification. Children can create different facial expressions on the face with the facial parts that come with the chart as well as add different accessories. All the pieces are detachable and are affixed by velcro making it interesting and engaging for young minds. A fantastic addition to any household. The Boy Face Chart comes with the following:- 3 pairs of eyebrows 3 pairs of eyes 2 nose 3 mouth 2 caps Surface wash only. Colours or contents may vary from those illustrated. Product dimensions: 60 cm (h) x 40 cm (w). For ages 2+