(F0188) 睡公主 Sleeping Beauty Deluxe



攻破迷宮,打破咒語! • 根據挑戰咭上的提示將迷宮拼圖及城堡擺放在遊戲版上。將騎士放在迷宮入口,睡公主放在城堡門口。 • 如挑戰咭上顯示藍色箭咀:幫騎士尋找由迷宮入口通往城堡的路徑。 • 如挑戰咭上顯示黃色箭咀:幫睡公主尋找由城堡通往迷宮入口的路徑。 • 小朋友亦可以扮演龍的角色!在迷宮遊戲板上找一個位置擺放紅色的龍,而此位置必須能阻塞通往城堡的所有路徑。 • Beat the maze, break the spell! • Set up the maze puzzle pieces and castle as shown on the challenge card. Place the knight at the maze entrance and Sleeping Beauty at the castle gate. • Blue arrow on challenge card: Help the knight find the path from maze entrance to the castle. • Yellow arrow on challenge card: Help Sleeping Beauty finds the path from the castle to the maze entrance. • You can also play as the Dragon! Find a place on the game board where the Dragon puzzle piece fits in entirely in between the walls of the maze AND it will block all paths to the castle. 共60個挑戰,考你腦筋並有助提升各種認知能力: 60 challenges to stimulate

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