(F0238) 環保再造紙套裝 Paper Making Kit



環保再造紙套件 玩得開心回收紙創造 可以自行設計的新紙。 選擇顏色、大小和裝飾。 用再生紙製作相冊,手機、容器、紙動物和鮮花。 製作賀卡,信紙、信封和圖片框架等等; 發揮你的想像力。 所有這些項目都包含在手冊中。 Paper Making Kit Have fun recycling paper to create new paper of your own design. Choose colors, size and decorations. Use your recycled paper to make a photo album, mobiles, containers, paper animals and fl owers. Make greeting cards, notepaper, envelopes and picture frames and much more; just use your imagination. Detailed instructions for all these items included in manual.

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