(F0246) 恐龍家庭小盒 Dinosaur Family Counters



• 這些恐龍小盒是一套 64 個柔軟、多色彩,8種4種模壓橡膠恐龍,明亮的顏色,有紅色、黃色、綠色和藍色。 • 該套件裝在堅固的儲物箱中。每隻恐龍大約 6 厘米高。 • 這些小恐龍可用於範圍廣泛的數學活動,進行排序,形狀或顏色,或者創造一個恐龍的圖案。 • 可邀請學生創作關於史前並推測發生了什麼事情。 • 台灣製造 • These dinosaur counters are a set of 64 soft,colourful, moulded rubber dinosaurs in 8 speciesand 4 brightcolours, red, yellow, green and blue. • The set is supplied in a sturdy storage box. Each dinosaur is approximately 6 cm tall. • These counters can be used for a wide range of (mathematical) activities. Sort the dinosaur counters by shape or by colour. Or create a pattern of dinosaurs. • The counters also invite students to create stories about the prehistoric and to speculate about what happened to the dinosaurs. • Made in Taiwan

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