(F0255) 3D觸覺辨別 3D Feel & Find



產品特點: • 木形配對遊戲,以加強認知發展 • 套裝包括 40 個大塊拼圖和帶抽繩的帆布包 • 可識別的文化符號圖標 • 材料:橡膠木片和帆布袋 • 教育重點:視覺和觸覺練習、搭配技巧和顏色識別 • Wooden shape and tile matching game to reinforce cognitive development • Set includes 40 chunky puzzle pieces and canvas bag with drawstring • Recognizable icons of cultural based symbols • Material: Rubberwood pieces and canvas bag • Educational Focus: Visual and tactile exercises, matching skills and color identification

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