(F0327) Make a handcrank doorbell 自製手動門鈴



產品特點: 有趣的自製門鈴!🔔 掛在小朋友房門,有趣且有成功感! 來自法國教具品牌steam education ! 這款 DIY 套件可讓您為您的房間打造漂亮的門鈴。 在構建它時,您會發現齒輪系和摩擦效應等基本機械原理。 您將操作螺母、螺釘、墊圈等。 每個步驟在小冊子中都有清楚的解釋。 您會在我們周圍的物體中發現多種齒輪及其功能。 它是如何工作的? 首先,從木板上拆下齒輪,然後識別所有小部件和螺釘。組裝後,您可以對其進行塗漆以使其個性化並將其釘在臥室門上(為此目的,角落上有 4 個孔)。 你會學到什麼? - 不同類型的齒輪:齒輪系、齒條和小齒輪、圓形等 - 計算齒輪轉動速度的比率 - 摩擦效應、曲柄 套件中有什麼? 你會發現木製元素:三個大型木製齒輪、一塊大板和要組裝的小零件。還有螺絲和螺母:螺母、螺絲、環、墊圈、翼形螺母、髮帶和自行車鈴。 產地:法國 This DIY kit will allow you to build a beautiful doorbell for your room. While building it, you will discover gear trains and basic mechanical principles like the friction effect. You will manipulate nuts, screws, washers, etc. Each step is clearly explained in the booklet. You will discover many kinds of gears and their function in the objects around us. How does it work? First, detach the gears from the wooden boards, then identify all the small parts and the screws. Once assembled, you can paint it to personalize it and nail it to your bedroom door (there are 4 holes on the corners for this purpose). What will you learn? - The different types of gears: gear trains, rack and pinion, circular, etc. - Ratios to calculate the speed at which gears turn - The friction effect, the crank What is in the kit? You will find wooden elements: three large wooden gears, a large board and small parts to assemble. There are also screws and nuts: nuts, screws, rings, washers, wing nuts, a hair band and a bicycle bell. Made in France

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