(F0342) Fluffy Floppy Rose toy /Fluffy Floppy Ears toy




Maud N Lil Organic Cotton 有機棉質料,澳洲品牌 品牌自 1993 年以來,一直在為小手和大想像力製作經過認證的有機棉玩具和被子。我們一直選擇有機棉,因為我們相信您的孩子唯一應該接觸到的就是我們對每件產品的愛與關懷。 不含農藥意味著您可以放心,我們的產品對您的孩子和地球都是健康的選擇。畢竟,我們必須為我們的孩子、我們的子孫後代保護環境。 我們特別注意確保我們的產品在質量、柔軟度和舒適度方面達到極致,提醒孩子們在他們生活的世界中是安全的。 榮獲綠色生活方式獎最佳兒童產品獎。 About Maud N Lil Organic Cotton Since 1993, we’ve been making certified organic cotton toys and comforters for little hands and big imaginations. We’ve always chosen organic cotton because we believe that the only thing your child should be exposed to is the love and care we put into each product. Being pesticide free means you can have the peace of mind that our products are a healthy choice for both your child and the earth. After all, we must protect the environment for our little ones, our future generations. We take special care to ensure that our products are the ultimate in quality, softness and comfort, reminding children that they are safe and secure in the world they live in. Proudly award winners of The Green Lifestyle Awards for Best Kids Product.

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