(F0394) 善良獎勵套裝Kindness Diary Set



聖誕節對孩子們來說很有趣,並且提供了完美的教育時刻。它允許父母教他們的孩子善良和給予。作家任婷想在這樣一個佳節與家長和孩子們分享關於善待他人的想法。在一個“有我有我有我”的世界裡,這本意味深長的書向孩子們展示了聖誕精神的真諦。這本書還為父母提供了一個絕佳的機會,讓他們認識到成為孩子榜樣的重要性。 此套裝包含一套“善行獎勵系統”,供家長閱讀故事書後採用。家長可以按照說明學習如何獎勵孩子。 該軟件包包括以下內容: 精美圖文並茂的《媽媽和我的善良日記》故事書(聖誕版) 木製令牌盒 50 閱讀獎勵代幣 帶有說明的善意行為獎勵圖表 善良行為貼紙 黑色筆 閃亮的星星貼紙 彩虹色顏料和畫筆 大多數孩子都喜歡收集東西。讓我們充分利用收集! 收集一直很受孩子們的歡迎,無論是石頭、鵝卵石還是海灘上的貝殼等自然物體。 從父母那裡收集代幣是激勵孩子以某種方式行事的一種積極方式。與其只給他們一張貼紙作為獎勵,不如給他們一些像令牌這樣有形的東西會讓旅程更加精彩和有趣! “我的名字在信物盒上,它是我的!” 孩子們可以發揮他們的創造力,為他們的木製令牌盒上色。他們還可以在表面寫上自己的名字,使其更具個性。讓我們變得狡猾! 您是否開始考慮購買什麼作為獎勵?稍等一下… 給孩子的獎勵不一定要花錢!他們只是想讓父母多陪陪他們。永遠記住,獎勵孩子不一定要給予物質獎勵或購買昂貴的禮物。在包裝中,您會找到一份很棒的獎勵創意清單,供您和您的孩子選擇。 Christmas time can be fun for children and provides the perfect teachable moment. It allows parents to teach their children to be kind and giving. Author Jen Ting wants to share her thoughts with parents and children about being kind to others in such a festive season. In a world of "me, me and me", this meaningful book shows the children the true meaning of the Christmas spirit. This book also provides an excellent opportunity for parents to acknowledge the importance of being a great role model to their children. This package includes a set of “Kindness Behaviour Reward System" for the parents to adopt after reading the storybook. Parents can follow the instructions to learn how to reward their children. This package includes the following: Beautifully illustrated "Kindness Diary of Mommy and Me" storybook (Christmas edition) Wooden token box 50 Reading Potato sliver reward tokens Kindness behaviour reward chart with instructions Kindness behaviour stickers Black marker Shiny stars stickers Rainbow colour paint and brush Most children love to collect something. Let's get the best out of collecting! Collecting is always popular among children, whether it's natural objects like stones, pebbles or shells on the beach. Collecting tokens from parents is a positive way of motivating children to behave in a certain way. Rather than giving them only a sticker as a reward, having something tangible like a token would make the journey more exciting and fun! "My name is on the token box, and it's mine!" Children can use their creativity to colour their Wooden Token Boxes. They can also write their name on the surface to make it more personalised. Let's get crafty! Do you start thinking about what to buy as a reward? Hold on a second… Rewards for kids don't have to cost money! Believe it or not, they just want parents to spend more time with them. Always remember rewarding a child doesn't have to give physical treats or buy expensive gifts. In the package, you will find a list of great reward ideas for you and your child to choose from.

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