(F0395) 蔬菜種植套裝Easy-to-Grow Veggie Gardening Kit



現在是假期,是時候…… 實驗……閱讀……發現……玩……STEM 有趣和引人入勝的教育材料並不常見,但這份教具實現了所有這些。 看看這個包裝中包含什麼: 精美插圖的種植日記,供您的孩子記錄植物的生長情況 關於兒童植物的有趣事實 關於如何用冰箱裡的東西種植蔬菜的分步說明 椰糠圓盤四個(土) 四種不同類型的保證易種蔬菜種子 防水種植墊 - 您可以將它種植在任何地方! 一個水壺 一套種植工具 四個可生降解的紙盆 四個可重複使用的植物標籤 一種獨特的生態友好型可種植種子鉛筆(使用後可以用它種植薰衣草的鉛筆) 教育: 年幼的孩子會在從種子中長出一些東西的過程中學到很多東西: -手眼協調 -耐心 -自信 -責任 -關心 - 了解食物的來源 - 對食物的欣賞 科學: 孩子們可以了解植物的生命週期,感受葉子,觀察植物生長的變化。他們可以思考和設計自己的小花園。他們將需要測量每株植物需要多少水和土壤,並決定它們生長所需的每個種植盆的大小。 最好的禮物創意: 無論在什麼場合,孩子們都會喜歡這個包裝精美的禮品袋,裡面有一本教育手冊和供他們閱讀、學習和創作的材料。這也可以是一個活動集,您可以將戶外活動作為一項活動來做(派對遊戲的想法用完了嗎?) It’s the holiday season, and it’s time to … Experiment… Read… Discover… Play... STEM It’s not often that educational materials can be fun and engaging, but this package achieves them all. Look at what’s included in this amazing package: Beautifully illustrated planting journal for your child to record how the plant grows Interesting facts about plants for kids Step-by-Step instructions on how to plant vegetables from what you have in the fridge Four coconut coir discs (soil) Four different types of guaranteed easy-to-grow vegetable seeds A waterproof planting mat - you can plant it anywhere you want! A watering bottle A set of planting tools Four Biodegradable paper pots Four reusable plant labels A unique ECO-friendly plantable seed pencil (yes, a pencil that you can grow lavender from it after use) Educational: Young children will learn a lot through the process of growing something from seed: -Hand-Eye Coordination -Patience -Confidence -Responsibility -Care -Understanding of where food comes from -Appreciation of the food STEM: Children can learn about the plant life cycle, feel the leaves and observe the changes of their growing plant. They can think and design their own little garden. They will need to measure how much water and soil they need for each plant and decide the size of each planting pot needed for their development. Best gift ideas: No matter what the occasion is, children would love this nicely packed gift bag with an educational booklet and materials for them to read, learn and create. This can also be an activity set that you can take outdoor as an activity to do (Have you run out of party game ideas?)