(F0410) 筷子夾豆豆(小肌肉訓練遊戲)



產品特點: OMOTENASHI Selection 2020大獎] [OMOTENASHI Selection 2020大獎] (僅日文) 學習運用筷子的分類遊戲! 這一次,是一場戰斗! 與其他玩家競爭,成為使用筷子的高手! 為了練習筷子! 用於學校入學禮物! 用於幼兒園入學禮物! 為了晉升到更高的級別! 生日和聖誕節的派對游戲! 派對游戲 尺寸 包裝尺寸:高200 x 寬203 x 深65釐米 The game to learn the manners of chopsticks! This time, it's a battle! Compete with other players to become a master of chopstick use! This product is a big hit, surpassing the previous Mana-Mame! For chopstick practice! For school entrance gifts! For kindergarten entrance gifts! For promotion to a higher grade! Party games for birthdays and Christmas! Party games

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