(F0427) 日本鈴鐺抽獎遊戲(105pcs)



產品特點: 1.翻開抽獎券,得到抽出的號碼的物品。 2.有趣抽獎鈴鐺,作為小朋友遊戲鼓勵禮物。 (做好功課/溫好默書/活動獎勵的好禮物) [Guess-me-mounted paper的優勢]。 1.翻開抽獎券的快感! 2.興奮地想知道這是哪個產品! 3.孩子們想要一個大的! 數量: 105件 尺寸:高633 x 寬423毫米 You flip the raffle ticket and get the item of the number that comes out. Of course, the "Atari" is a good thing, but the "Hazure" is also a good thing. but we are also particular about the "Hazure". [Advantages of the Guess-me-mounted paper] 1:The thrill of flipping the raffle ticket! 2: The excitement of wondering which product it is! 3:Children want a big one!

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