(F0397) 123 Count with Me



色彩繽紛的布藝書,包含 10 項適合幼兒的有趣活動,可鼓勵孩子動手數數並提高數學技能。 這本書旨在培養精細運動技能、提高手部靈活性並鼓勵創造性遊戲。 這是一本巧妙的數數書,翻開每一頁都會吸引孩子們的注意力,讓數字栩栩如生。 每頁上都用魔術貼固定可拆卸部件,讓孩子們在數小時的遊戲中保持忙碌。 學齡前數數書的最愛! 書中的活動包括:給寵物猴子梳理毛髮、在池塘里釣魚、在寶庫中發現金幣、在秘密花園中尋找蘋果、在魔術表演中玩手指偶等等! 每頁都提供了顏色匹配、繫帶、鈕扣和拉鍊練習的機會。 也是家庭旅行的必備書籍。 僅表面清洗。 適合 3 歲以上 產品尺寸:30 厘米(長)x 24 厘米(高) Delightfully colourful fabric book with 10 fun activities for young children that encourage hands-on counting and boost mathematical skills. The book is designed to develop fine motor skills, enhance hand dexterity, and encourage creative play. It is a clever counting book which captivates children at the turn of every page and brings numbers to life. Detachable pieces are affixed by velcro on every page to keep young minds busy for hours of play. A preschool counting book favourite! Activities in the book include, grooming a pet monkey, fishing in a pond, discovering gold coins in a treasure trove, finding apples in a secret garden, finger puppets in a magic show and more! Each page provides the opportunity for colour matching, lacing, buttoning, and zipping practice. It is also a must-have book for family travels. Surface wash only. For Ages 3+ Product dimensions : 30 cm (l) x 24 cm (h)

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